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UK’s LoveFilm is now Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon has flipped the switch on its LoveFilm brand, officially renaming the service in the UK to Amazon Instant Video to match its US counterpart.

LoveFilm is the largest subscription service in the UK, rivaling Netflix, with more than 15,000 movies and TV episodes.

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5 Early Tech Predictions for 2015

Each year I make 5 tech predictions for the new year. This year I’m starting early. Let’s kick it off with these five key sectors.

5. Wearable Tech (Health Tech will lead the way)

4. Google+ Welcomed to Mainstream (and your parents)

3. Crowdsourced Everything (Can you Crowdsource-raise kids?)

2. Google Fiber and High-Speed Options for consumers

1. The Internet of Things (all devices talking to each other)

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